Outstanding Tree Removal Services in Duluth

Dead trees on your property can be a tricky situation. If you don’t remove them they can also become costly. Suppose a severe storm comes through your area and knocks that tree onto your house? It could cause expensive damage, and may even harm loved ones inside the home. A worst-case scenario is that dead tree falling onto a neighbor’s house. It’s too nerve-wracking to contemplate!

Perhaps you haven’t had those trees removed because you’re afraid of the cost. Well, luckily for Duluth residents, there’s a local company with affordable tree service solutions. Hernandez Tree Services have been helping businesses and homeowners for 21 years in the greater Atlanta area. Our reliability and integrity are well-known. We’re here to assist you with tree removal, stump removal, and tree maintenance year-round.

Dirt-Moving, Sod Placement, and Grading Services

Trees on your property need to be maintained so they are free from disease, insect attacks, and other issues. If you care for them properly they bring your family joy for decades. If not, you may be calling us later to remove a dead tree that could have been saved.

Our tree services are a convenient one-stop-shop. We maintain your trees, remove dead ones, remove stumps and root systems and finally chip the debris so it is easily disposed of.

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Your trees provide fun for your kids and shade for backyard gatherings. Investing in them keeps your family happy and your property value high. Contact us today at 678-438-1464 for a free inspection and affordable quote.