Removing a tree does not necessarily mean you have removed all of the tree. Many tree service companies leave an unsightly tree stump behind after taking down a tree. If the stump sits in an area of your yard that experiences high foot traffic, it can become a potential physical injury liability. A tree stump also detracts from the appearance of your property. Leaving a tree stump is like placing a Welcome mat on the ground for pests such as ants and termites.

You can use a chainsaw to get rid of a tree stump, but our team of tree service professionals has a better idea, and the idea does not involve spreading harmful chemicals that harm family pets.

The idea is called stump grinding, and no other company does it better than our highly rated tree services company.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

If another tree service company left behind an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump, you should know about the many benefits of getting rid of the stump. Stump grinding should be an essential part of your property maintenance plan.

  • Enhance The Appearance Of Your Lawn

    You take pride in presenting a visually appealing appearance for your yard, However, just one tree stump can significantly diminish the beauty of a well-maintained property. Grinding a tree stump enhances the appearance of your property, while in turn boosting the value of your home. A visible stump in the front yard hurts the curb appeal of your home.

  • Increase Space

    Although a tree stump does not pose a formidable barrier, its existence does make people walk out of their way to avoid it. Stump grinding helps homeowners free up more space in the yard, which is an especially helpful benefit for homeowners that have smaller yards. Stump grinding also frees up more space below ground level.

  • Prevent Accidents

    A competitive game of badminton is underway in the backyard, that is, until a player trips and falls to the ground because of a tree stump. Even a small tree stump is a hazard for homeowners. If the stump is not grinded down, a friend or a family member can take a tumble that leads to an emergency room visit. Stump grinding prevents the types of accidents that make homeowners legally liable.

  • Protect Against An Invasion Of Pests

    Ants and termites love invading discarded pieces of wood that fall from trees. Imagine how much the common home pests enjoy boring into a freshly cut tree stump. Grinding a tree stump prevents pests from establishing a foothold that can eventually lead to the basement of your house.

  • Stop The Spread Of Disease

    A freshly cut tree stump does not stay fresh for long. The result is decay that inevitably acts as a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Stump grinding removes the hospitable home for a large number of diseases.

    Finally, stump grinding removes a nuisance from your property. From mowing the lawn to sodding a bare spot, tree stumps are a major inconvenience that should be grinded out of existence.