You should look at tree trimming and pruning as we look at haircuts. The only difference is that for us, trimming hair should be done every few weeks or so. For trees, the limb and branch growth process can take several months, if not a couple of years to warrant trimming and pruning. Nonetheless, the moment you plant trees into the ground, you should prepare to prune and trim what grows out of them.

The question is not whether you should follow a consistent tree trimming and pruning regimen. Instead, the question is should you invest the time to do it yourself, or gain the peace of mind that comes from hiring a licensed and bonded tree service company.

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Reasons To Trim And Prune Trees

Trees planted at the right locations enhance the value of a home. Your trees can act as natural privacy fences, as well as control the energy costs inside your house. Maintaining the beauty of a tree requires much more than simply dropping a seed and praying for rain. You also need to trim and prune your trees, and here are nine reasons why tree maintenance is important.

  • Produce Vibrant Colors

    Pruning a young shoot or trimming an older branch stimulates the growth of a tree. The stimulated growth results in more vibrant colors, not only when the trees grow green leaves in spring and summer, but also when the leaves change colors in fall.

  • Maintaining The Right Shape

    Trees can outgrow the property they call home, which means a consistent trimming and pruning schedule is needed to maintain the shape balance of each tree. This is especially true for trees that stand around the perimeter of your property.

  • Let There Be Light

    Other plants on your property need sunlight to flourish, but an overgrown tree can block the sunlight required for plant development. Trimming and pruning tree limbs and branches allow more sunlight to enter your property.

  • Speaking Of Sunlight

    Trees provide the perfect natural object for creating spectacular special effects on your property. Pruning is often a method used to create special effects inside formal gardens, but you can achieve similar special effects by pruning tree branches.

  • Promote The Development Of Fruit And Flowers

    Trimming and pruning often encourage the development of the cells required for a tree to produce fruit and/or flowers. Stronger flower buds grow because of pruning as well. If you have fruit trees on your property, and you want to harvest the fruit for sale, hiring our highly rated tree service company ensures your trees receive proper pruning.

  • Limit Size

    If your property is limited in space, trimming long limbs and branches prevent overgrowth from harming your home. The last thing you want is for a large tree branch to come crashing into a window at three in the morning. You also have to consider trees that dangle limbs and branches over fences into neighbor properties.

  • Bolster Health

    Trees face a large number of potentially fatal events, from prolonged Arctic blasts to an invasion of wood-boring pests. Trimming and pruning trees remove dead limbs and branches to rejuvenate the cells needed for growth. Our team of tree service professionals carefully prune trees to prevent the damaging effect of topping trees, which weakens trees and makes them susceptible to pests such as termites.

  • Prevent Power Line Damage

    Tree limbs and branches that overhang or apply pressure to power lines need to be trimmed and pruned. You do not have to experience a strong storm to endure out a power outage caused by downed power lines. Overgrown tree limbs and branches can eventually succumb to the pressure applied by considerable weight.

  • Make Your Property Shine

    Gardeners make pruning plants a top priority to improve the appearance of a garden. You should have the same mindset when it comes to the trees on your property. Removing dead branches, as well as jagged limbs, goes a long way towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.